Friday, May 2, 2008


Full Title: Avenger
Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Science Fiction
Episodes: 13
Uploaded By: Penad8
My Age Rating: PG (Mild Language, Violence)

Layla Ashley is a young, beautiful, and viciously tempered woman on a quest for vengeance in a harsh post-apocalyptic future. In said future, Earth has been destroyed and humanity has colonized Mars. Earth's moon is now Mars' and is a constant object in the sky, glowing red from some random phenomenon or other. For humanity, the outlook is bleak. Everyone in infertile and to make up for it wannabe parents buy dolls that look and act like children. One of these dolls and a doll mechanic are traveling with Layla to wherever she is headed to take revenge on the man that destroyed her life so many years ago.

Vague enough for you? If not, all you have to do is start watching, and it gets even vaguer. I couldn't tell what was going on for the first four or so episodes, and it doesn't help that every ounce of drama is squeezed out of every line of the cheesy dialog (even if the line doesn't need to be dramatic). Not only that but some of the dialog was completely unnecessary. Maybe it's a futuristic thing to randomly say things that don't make sense every time one opens ones mouth, but I honestly couldn't tell you why Layla says half the crap she says throughout the series. On top of all this, the dialog is poorly timed and there is a great amount of time given to characters standing around awkwardly looking at one another as if they have nothing more to say. Needless to say, very little character development happens at all throughout this series.

This series was so incredibly boring that I had plenty of time to take notes on the production. The movement is jerky. In the scenes where swift movement is necessary the producers decided to reduce the quality of the characters doing the moving. The art is boring. The music is unfitting throughout. The dialog is horrendous on all levels. The entire cast consists of definitions of cookie cutter characters. The story moves like molasses, is completely unoriginal, and is stuck up its own butt to a degree that is almost admirable. The opening is interesting the first time through and every time afterwards you'll skip it or run the risk of punching a hole through the screen out of sheer annoyance. The ending credits are the one bright spot I can think of, but the day I recommend an anime on the sole purpose that the credits are well done is one you'll never see. Steer clear of this anime unless, well, just steer clear of this anime. I recommend it to people who desire to be suicidal-bored (too many better series exist in this genre to waste life on this one.)

My Rating: 4.5/10 (Poor)