Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Full Title: DearS
Genres: Action, Comedy, Romance, Science Fiction, Ecchi
Episodes: 13
Uploaded By: Mavrik
My Age Rating: PG-13 (Language, Adult Situations, Sexual Themes)

Um... how to characterize what I just saw... hmm... It was like taking Chobits and playing it out to the extreme. Replace Chi with a considerably better looking girl by the name of Ren, and you have the main feel to the story. Japan must be absolutely brimming over with beautiful homeless girls for boys to randomly find and take home because, well, here we go again...

A year before the story gets underway, a massive spacecraft slams into Tokyo Bay and from it emerge beautiful human looking aliens that we real humans later name the Dears because of their friendly nature. The story picks up with an average (getting tired of this average crap? Me neither...) high school student by the name of Ikuhara Takeya who, unlike his classmates, doesn't see anything particularly desirable about the Dears, so it's only fitting that while walking home one day he accidentally stumbles across a female one and takes her home with him after she passes out in his arms. Much ecchi and comedy ensues, mainly due to the fact that Ren, as he names her, seems to have a problem keeping herself clothed. Also, Ren seems to have absolutely no will power of her own, and starts calling Takeya master. Soon, she starts going to school with him, and then it is learned that she is an escaped defective model that the Dears desperately want to recall.

If you have never seen a single other boy-co-inhabits-with-beautiful-girl anime, than you might think some of the comedy this series presents to be funny. If you have seen others, you can count on just rolling your eyes during these parts. The story line, although not incredibly original, is not altogether bad. If you can get by the insane amounts of ecchi, or if you happen to enjoy insane amounts of ecchi, you very probably will enjoy the 13 episodes. The one and only thing that will keep me from watching this anime a second time through is Takeya's teacher. I don't know what was going through whoever wrote this story's mind, but having a teacher that walks around in small underwear, even during class, and molests any student who happens to look at her is a BAD idea. By far the most annoying character I have ever come across in any anime ever. (I'm not sure if that deserves a round of applause or not...)

Production wise, this anime is average at everything. Yeah, the girls are much hotter than usual, but besides that, every single last feature of this show is average... The voice acting is average. The opening sequence is average. (By the way, if you want some of the most disturbing lyrics ever devised check out the opening song...) The ending is average. The animation is average. This anime screams mediocre at you in every conceivable way, so I shall succumb to its demand and rate it accordingly. Watch this if you are a fan of ecchi, or if you have never before seen this type of show. Otherwise, skip it, there are better ones out there... (To me, there has to be more to an anime than insanely beautiful girls... Although, I probably could stand to see them as a feature in more sophisticated series...)

My Rating: 5.9/10 (Fair)

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