Tuesday, April 22, 2008

School Rumble

Full Title: School Rumble
Genres: Action, Comedy, Drama, Romance, Slice of Life
Episodes: 26
Uploaded By: Penad8
My Age Rating: PG-13 (Language, Violence, Adult Situations)

Tenma is your ordinary, everyday, 2nd year highschool girl with an IQ that would rival the highest of the Richter Scale Magnitudes, and the object of Harima Kenji's, a moronic delinquent from the same class, love interests. Unfortunately for him, Tenma is only interested in Karasuma Ooji, another student from that class. This anime is the story of the that class, its bizarre students, and their collective miserable luck in love.

Hmm, very short intro... anywho, this anime seems incredibly light and fluffy from all perspectives, but it does have some semblance of meat on its bones later on. Another point I'd like to make, it's hilarious. I laughed often (rare indeed for any comedy) at this series oddball sense of humor. It mixes together everything from traditional Japanese humor you'd find in any other romance, to absurd British humor. Irony, amazing comedic timing, funny quotable sentences, and incredibly awkward moments all grace this show on a regular basis. Every character seems to have this terrible desire to fall for the exact wrong person for them, and it works well. I will definitely see the second season when it's dubbed.

The production varies (sometimes purposefully) in regards to quality. It doesn't always have very smooth movements and some of the sillier scenes (i.e. Tenma spinning off into the depths of despair) are replayed over and over, but it's far from annoying and chances are you won't even notice. The voice acting in this series is definitely a strong point. Every personality is incredibly well performed. The only over the top character is Tenma, but she kinda needs to be ("I did it! I'm like a fricken mermaid!"). When watching this, listen for the conversations going on in the background, many of which are randomly hilarious. The opening for this series is high gear, bouncingly energetic, and the ending is a funny collage of the girls with Harima being random in the foreground set to a pretty good song. The creators of this show definitely knew what they were doing as it is well written. That being said don't expect too much from the story, it can hold water, but it mainly serves as a catalyst for the jokes. I recommend this one to everyone who enjoys a good laugh. As comedies go, it's top notch...
My Rating: 8.2/10 (Excellent)

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